2017 Legal Women in Leadership Symposium Topics

Leading with Authenticity: Strategies for Success with Your Own Leadership Style
Do the accepted management styles within your organization tend to favor certain men or women, or are they not broad enough to accommodate a variety of styles? Women who aspire to leadership positions often are unsure if they should adopt certain management styles or embrace their own. While embracing others’ leadership style leads to discomfort and feels limiting to an individual, not embracing an organization’s accepted style may lead to exclusion and isolation. How do successful leaders strike a balance between their personal leadership style and the leadership style of their organization? How important is authenticity to a having an efficient and successful leadership style? How does an authentic leadership style impact the pipeline and diversity within the organization?

The Power of No: Defining your impact as a leader
Power today is all about leveraging influence to engender change. As activists and change-agents, leaders are choosing to align their influence with key global issues, including humanitarian efforts. Learn how to say “no” to conventional practices and follow your own path to make an impact in organizations and the world. How are today’s game-changers tackling problems in unconventional ways in order to amplify the voices of millions around the world? What are these leaders saying “no” to? What kind of support is needed to be a trail-blazing leader?

How to Swim with the Sharks
Certain fields (aerospace, professional sports, high-tech, the financial sector) remain dominated by men at the top—and often in the trenches too. Because senior leadership tends to be largely male, and these men perpetuate a stereotype of the masculine-identified qualities required to become leaders (not to mention promoting people who most closely resemble themselves), cracking the door open in these fields has continued to be tough. Learn the challenges women face in a male-dominated workplace and gain some of the strategies women find helpful as they try to stay afloat—and keep swimming.

Building Your Own Coalition of Professional Allies
Building a network of people who can help you, advocate for you, and promote you within the workplace is critical to your advancement and is as important as building your external networks. How do you care for this network in a strategic and thoughtful manner? Wherever you are coming from, whether it is a small organization or a large one, this topic will answer these questions and offer strategies to help you form and leverage relationships allowing you thrive in challenging situations like reorganizations, mergers or acquisitions.

Becoming a Person of Influence
Women who break through into senior-level leadership roles get there by delivering results. In “Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others,” John Maxwell lists a number of traits a person of influence should possess such as integrity, nurturing, faith, and understanding among others. Once you learn these simple, insightful ways to interact more positively with others, your personal and organizational success will go off the charts. Whether your desire is to build a business, climb the corporate ladder, or secure your place at the top, you can achieve it by raising your level of influence in the lives of others.

Lifting up the Next Generation Women
As you climb the corporate ladder it’s incredibly important to remember to throw down a rope. This is especially true for women leaders. Increasingly women recognize that the days of women fighting for the one available executive role are behind us. Rather, women helping women, is a responsibility not a choice. Why must women help other women succeed? What responsibility do we each have in making a difference for those who follow us? How can women leaders provide organizational and personal support?

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