Sangita Kasturi

Sangita Kasturi
Sangita Kasturi
Founder and CEO
Action Inclusion

Sangita Kasturi is a consultant, facilitator and speaker on inclusive leadership, diversity, change management and communication. She has spoken and led workshops in North America, Europe and Asia, working with many Fortune 500s, mid-size and non-profit organizations. Sangita’s background is multi-disciplinary, spanning more than 15 years in a broad cross-section of industries. This enables her to combine analytical strategies and deep insights leading to highly effective solutions. She is recognized for her ability to key in on critical data and partner effectively at every level of the organization.

As founder and CEO of Action Inclusion, she partners closely with organizations to build capacity in leadership, diversity and change through workshops, coaching and strategic consulting.

She has designed and is currently in partnership with the organization leading a year-long series focusing on gender parity in the workplace. She is a founding member of the Chicago chapter of 2020 Women on Boards.

Sangita is adjunct MBA professor at the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management where she teaches executive success skills, effective leadership, global diversity and transformational change. She is a consultant to the school and engages with many of their clients in areas of leadership, diversity and change. She has been recognized numerous times for “Contributing to Excellence in Learning”.

Sangita holds a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Northwestern University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). She is a certified Myers-Briggs facilitator and winner of a New York State Associated Press Award for journalistic excellence.